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tree felling and stump removal cape town

Are you looking for a Tree Felling and stump removal Company in Western Cape? Tree Felling Gurus is your home for well priced and affordable to accommodate your needs.

Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town and one of the most effective and reliable Tree Felling companies in Western Cape Cape Town

We are an ultimate solution for you tree cutting services and best landscaping company. Western Cape Cape Town Tree Care Services. Commercial & Residential Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town Services. We aim to provide exclusive and creative gardening and tree care services with a unique individual approach. Feel the difference with personalized quote program from our company. Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town Gurus. Meet your local tree cutting Gurus, or find out more about the expert tree and landscape services available in Western Cape Cape Town .

Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town Cape Town Company You Can Rely on

Our licensed and insured tree felling Western Cape Cape Town Gurus make house calls to meet the needs of your trees, shrubs, lawn and landscape. From tree cutting paving, renovation and restoration, our arborists put passion and expertise into the care of your property. Learn more about our professional tree care and landscape services.

Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town

tree felling Western Cape Cape Town
Commercial & Residential Tree Care Services

Our Tree certified arborists are located throughout Western Cape. Locate the tree service professional in your area.

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Landscaping Tree Experience

When you request a consultation with a Tree Felling Gurus we discuss your landscape goals and provide recommendations for a very affordable and reasonable price.

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Basic Lawn Care Tips

Yard, Spring & Fall Clean-up

For yard, spring & fall clean-up our leaf blowers tidy up your lawn, driveway, patios and porches and because
electric tools are half as loud-we’ll do so without telling your whole neighborhood about it.

Paving installation Western Cape Cape Town

Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town Gurus uses the highest quality paving materials to guarantee leak-proof, durable and efficient, customized
Paving desing solutions.


Our Key Benefits

As with all plant choices, climate plays a big role in determining which type of grass will work best for you – soil type, rainfall and other factors also come into it. :

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Our Vision

As things cool off, and “fall down”, we’ll stay on top of it all by maintaining your beautiful lawn and getting it ready for winter, cutting and treeming of the garden trees

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Proper tree felling and maintenance

Whether you are looking to make a positive brand impression for customers, enhance curb appeal for tenants and residents.

Or provide a needed breathe of fresh air for employees and patients, we can help ensure your trees are well-maintained.

Commercial Tree Felling and Stump Removal

Our clients trust us to provide reliable efficient and effective snow removal services to ensure operations
continue as usual, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. We are up to the challenge.

Our Services Include

Tree Felling Western Cape Cape Town
Tree Trimming Western Cape Cape Town
Tree Cutting Western Cape Cape Town
Tree Thinning Western Cape Cape Town
Plot Clearing Western Cape Cape Town
Tree Removal Western Cape Cape Town
Stump Removals Western Cape Cape Town
Tree Pruning
Palm Tree Cleaning
Palm Tree Pruning
Palm Tree Trimming

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Residents with Tree problems
Developers needing to remove trees
Landscapers needing tree Pruning
Guest Houses in need of Tree Shaping
Lodges needing palm shaving
Farms with help in Plot Clearing
Hotels needing Tree Maintenance
Managing Agents needing Tree Trimming
Lodges needing Palm Tree Pruning
Garden services needing Hedge rehabilitation and trimming
Landscapers needing Palm Tree Shaving services